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Passover 2024

Our Passover Guide includes everything you need to know to clean for Passover, find everything kosher from quinoa to pet food, plus some tips to make your Seder more meaningful.

Preparing You for the Passover Experience 
Passover Classes for Adults
Shaleshudis - Study to End Shabbat (class begins 20 minutes after mincha service, In-Person and on our Virtual Sanctuary) All sessions begin after the 6PM service.
Saturday, April 20 - Who are the sages of the Seder”: Part II with Rabbi Heller
Moses is not mentioned in the Haggadah, but Hillel and Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yehudah  make appearances.  Their cameos are not accidental- learn how they lived the drama of the Exodus in their own lives and why their stories are still part of our seder today.

Second Annual Congregational Seder!

 Congregational Seder (Second Night) – Tuesday, April 23 at 6:30PM

Our joyous and casual Seder, led by Rabbi Breit, will include all your favorite songs, rituals, debates, and discussions to make our central story come to life. Seder comes with a delicious catered dinner. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Pre-registration is required. $50/child (<13), $65/adult (early bird), and $80/adult after Monday, April 8. - Register here

Thank you to our sponsors (as of 4.17.24).

Community Table Sponsors:
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Members of the Yad and Sefer Societies


Selling Hametz
Hametz may be sold online here or sold in-person using this PDF.

You should still search for and destroy any hametz that will not keep through the holiday. While it is traditional to burn it, if this is not feasible, (very) small quantities may be flushed down the toilet. Larger quantities may be thrown away (sprinkle some household cleaner on it, and throw it away).

Maot Chittim: Maot Chittim, "wheat money," is an ancient tradition in which Jewish people donate money to Jewish people in need in order for them to purchase food for Passover. This year more than ever, it is appropriate to give so that others may observe the holiday. You can do so through JF&CS. This group of volunteers coordinates the distribution of food and funds to Jewish families.

Passover Services

We will be offering Passover services, including Yizkor and the siyyum for the firstborn, in-person and online. For Yom Tov and Shabbat services, see . All services are also available on zoom. If you are a member, login info is in our weekly emails.  If you are not, or cannot find your email, click to receive access.

Click here for a full Passover service schedule.

Downloadable Siddurim

  • Morning Services: Click here to access a PDF of the morning service siddur to use during Passover.
  • Afternoon Services: Click here to access a PDF of the afternoon service siddur to use during Passover.
  • Evening Services: Click here to access a PDF of the evening service siddur​​​​​​ to use during Passover.​
  • Yizkor Book: Click here to access a PDF of this year's Yizkor Book. 
Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784