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See below for any variations from regular schedule

All Services are available in person and virtually. See below for details.

Service Time Changes:

Mincha and Shaleshudis take place on Saturdays at 6PM in the Chapel/Beit Midrash.

At this time we are adding additional prayers for the state of Israel to our services. One meaningful prayer can be found here.

In-Person Worship:

All B'nai Torah services (Shabbat, Holiday and Weekday) may be attended in-person, with no restrictions.

Virtual Worship:

We will continue to make all services available to online participants. 

Please note that only those present at the synagogue will be able to counted towards a minyan (with exception made for Mourner's Kaddish, as per guidance written by Rabbi Heller and approved by the CJLS).

For Shabbat and Holiday Services you can watch the livestream here.

For Shabbat, Holiday and Weekday Services you can Zoom here:*
*For security purposes, access to the Zoom requires registration. To request access to our Virtual Synagogue, please submit this form, and access information will be mailed to you.

More Information about Virtual Options, Including Siddur PDFs

Shabbat Schedule and Siddur PDFs:

  • Friday Night: 6:30-7:30 PM - Click here to access a PDF of the Friday evening siddur (Lev Shalem).
  • Saturday Morning: 9:00 AM - Click here to access a PDF of the Saturday morning siddur (Lev Shalem).
  • Saturday Afternoon: Shabbat afternoon/evening services start time will move with sundown. See above for specific service time for each week. Service will be followed by a brief study session, Ma'ariv and Havdalah. - Click here to access a PDF of the Saturday afternoon siddur (Lev Shalem).


Daily Minyan PDFs:

  • Morning Minyan - Click here to access a PDF of the weekday morning service siddur (Artscroll).
  • Evening Minyan - Click here to access a PDF of the weekday evening service siddur (Lev Shalem).


Supplement for 10 Days of Repentance PDF: Click here to access Avinu Malkeinu (Artscroll).

Rosh Hodesh Siddur and Torah Reading PDF: Click here to access a PDF of the Rosh Hodesh morning siddur.

Borrow/Purchase Options: If you would like to borrow or purchase a siddur or chumash for home use, please click here.

Special Instructions for Shabbat/Holidays:
We don’t want to encourage people to use electronic devices on Shabbat and want to minimize any potential violations of Shabbat for those who seek to participate. With this in mind, please download the Zoom app (for phones or tablets) and the siddur (and print out) before Shabbat.

Logging in for Friday night services before Shabbat and leaving the Zoom on is not a violation  of Shabbat. We have set up streaming so the same room will remain active through all of Shabbat or a holiday. This means your household can join services Friday night and remain on through all remaining services. It is possible to set a computer, phone or tablet to “stay awake” over Shabbat (see below). However, if you are doing this, it is key that you log in from a room in your house where activities and noise will not be a disruption to others. 

How to have your computer/tablet not turn off over Shabbat:
  1. Make sure it is plugged into power.
  2. For iPhone/iPad, in settings, under display and brightness, set auto-lock to never.
  3. For PC, click here.
  4. For Mac, in Control Panel, under “Desktop and Screen Saver,” change “Start After” to "Never."



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