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Leading services is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, and helping create a moment of prayer for others is holy work. This central aspect of communal prayer is often dismissed by the casual worshiper as something that is unattainable. Yet the opposite is true! With some practice and reassurance, we all have the capacity to step up and lead the congregation in prayer.

The first step is designating some time throughout your weeks to open a siddur or chumash and practice. I have outlined some of the main services and skills at B’nai Torah and the number of sessions I recommend setting aside with me to learn the new skill. (The number of meetings corresponds to a leisurely/non-overwhelming pace. It will take less time for those with more familiarity, commitment, and Hebrew mastery.) I will provide copies and audio files to accompany your learning. 

Making the choice to commit to learning new skills is the hardest part of the journey. However, if you start today, then in a few seasons you’ll have the skills to step up and lead our community.

- Rabbi K

Prerequisites – Ability to read Hebrew (if you are learning Hebrew, then keep practicing! You’ll soon be leading in no time!)


* Indicates skills that would be most helpful to our community

Pesukei D'zimra (10 meetings)

Shacharit – Morning Service (10 meetings)

Mincha – Afternoon Service (5 meetings)

Ma'ariv – Evening Service (5-7 meetings)

Kabbalat Shabbat - (8 meetings)

Ma'ariv - Evening Service (10 meetings)

Pesukei D'zimra (15 meetings)

*Shacharit - Morning Service (15 meetings)

*Musaf - (10-12 meetings)

Mincha - Afternoon Service (10 meetings)

*Torah Trope - (10 meetings)

*Haftarah Trope - (10 meetings)

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784