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About Small Groups

What are Small Groups?
They are groups of 6-12 people who meet regularly to study, eat, explore, work, or help others together. They offer a space to care for others and be cared for, and are one of the most important ways that people connect and strengthen our community.
Why are Small Groups important?
Small Groups give us the opportunity to connect on a more intimate level with other Jews to deepen our connect to prayer, study, service, and each other. They offer opportunities to build lasting relationships with other members of our congregation. 
Who are Small Groups for?
Whatever your age, stage of life, or interests, there is a small group for you! Types of groups could be centered on any of the following: interests, needs, lifestyle, family set-up, location, or niche. 


How can I join a group? 
Scroll down to see all our currently open groups and fill out the interest form for one you are interested in! If the group you are interested does not yet exist, click here to let us know. Once you complete the form, a member of our Engagement Team will contact you with more information and opportunities.


When do Small Groups meet?

Groups set their own meeting schedule by member availability and meet roughly once a month (with breaks as needed) to average around 6-8 times a year.


What is expected of group leaders?

Group leaders schedule, organize, and host monthly gatherings throughout the year or delegate members of the group to do so. Group leaders ensure that their group remains a safe and respectful space for members while upholding B'nai Torah's Jewish values. 


Active Groups

Able Parents - Click here to join!
Led by Paige
Find your "village" to provide a listening ear and share tips, resources, and community support for parents of children with special needs, disabilities, and different abilities.
Atypical AdventurersClick here to join!
Led by Michael Helman-Darley
A group of men challenging themselves to push past their comfort zones by doing any and all kinds of atypical adventures they wouldn’t normally do. But with the help of friendly encouragement, group think, and healthy peer pressure anything is possible! Come join us for events ranging from the fun to the strange like adult scavenger hunts, restaurants serving bugs, indoor skydiving, axe throwing, or running in the mud. Who knows what the group will come up with, but if it’s anything usual, it won’t be on the list!
BT Spirits and Ruach - Click here to join!
Led By Jacob Gelbaum
We'll meet every couple of months to taste and discuss different spirits from around the world. Between sips, we'll share food and drink stories from the Jewish community near and far.
Eating Explorers - FULL (interested in forming another group like it? Let us know here)
Led by Amy Helman-Darley
Have an adventurous palate? Looking to connect with other moms of young children or just want a night out? Eating Explorers will explore different local international restaurants, trying a new type of cuisine each time. This group is geared for moms of young children.
Led by Melissa Feuer
We get together on Zoom and in person to do fun things. Do you like music? Sports? Crafts? Learning new things? Gardening? Come join us!

Knitzvah - Click here to join!
Led by Ilene Abrams
Do you love to knit? Or maybe you always wanted to learn? Join this group to knit, learn, relax, and make new friends!

Mitzvah Corps - Click here to join!
Led by Daniel Mark
We are a group of adults that gathers together to do meaningful hands-on volunteer work in the greater Atlanta community. We meet once a month and work at sites such as food banks, pet shelters, senior living facilities, and other organizations. We'd love for you to join us
More Than Just a Good Deed - Click here to join!
Led By Irma Starr
In our time together through conversations "sparkled with a little humor" we will reflect with one another on the childhood messages we were given about doing "mitzvot" and the small, thoughtful, socially-just things we can do using kindness, empathy, and fairness every day to enrich our own lives and the lives of others.
RODEO (Retired Old Dudes Eating Out) - Click here to join!
Led by Randy Cortland
Here is an opportunity for the retired men of B’nai Torah to meet for lunch and schmooze one Wednesday a month. We will sample restaurants located in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. Our goal is for you to have the chance to socialize with your B’nai Torah friends and maybe make some new ones while enjoying a good meal.
Sons of the Desert—Laughter! Click here to join!
Led by Howard Newman 
Enjoy the Golden Age of Comedy, 1920s - 1930s. Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, W. C. Fields, The Little Rascals, classic cartoons and emphasizing Laurel & Hardy. For all genders ages 7 - 107 with unlimited fresh popcorn at B'nai Torah.

Work from Home Lunch - Click here to join!
Led by Ben Marks
Working from home can be a bit isolating at times. Here’s an opportunity to get out of the house and meet with other men for a monthly one-hour social lunch. We try a different lunch spot each month and vegetarian options are always available.


If you have any questions about joining or starting a B'nai Torah Small Group, please contact Rabbi of Engagement, Elizabeth Breit at

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