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Indoor Protocol

At BT LAB we are making every effort to keep our students safe from the spread of COVID-19. All teachers, Madrichim and staff at BT LAB are vaccinated, as are all our 7th graders. Weather permitting, we aim to be outdoors as often as possible, but we anticipate coming indoors in the coming weeks as the weather cools.

When we have school inside, we will follow the below guidelines, which have been reviewed and approved by our medical advisors:

  • We are using the largest spaces available within the building, to allow for greater distancing. All ventilation systems have been upgraded with HEPA-grade filters.
  • We are masked  and distanced at all times, except for snack.
  • We snack outdoors, when possible. If we have to snack indoors, we will spread out as far as possible within the large spaces of each class.
  • We don’t mix classes in same space except the sanctuary where the pods can be separated from each other.
  • We encourage hand washing and hand sanitizers are available in each class.
  • We may modify these policies when most children in the program  ages 5-12 have been vaccinated.

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BT LAB - our religious school program - is centered around three essential questions and four primary skills. With these concepts at the center, our students explore Jewish life and Hebrew language through hands-on activities, meaningful discussions, and personal reflection.

What do you know?


Giving students the tools for Jewish life. This includes understanding the Jewish holidays and rituals, personal practice of prayer and Jewish lifecycles, Hebrew literacy, familiarity with Torah and the Jewish Bookshelf (Bible, siddur, and other traditional texts).

Why does it matter?

Allowing students to find their own story in the Jewish narrative. This includes Jewish ethics and values, Jewish history, responsibility for self and others, capacity and desire to be a mensch, be a leader in improving the world.

Who is with you? 

Believe & Belong

Joining together to maximize our impact. This includes deepening personal relationships with peers, family and broader Jewish community, feeling at home with synagogue community, building connections with Israel and Jews around the world.


Snapshot of a Sunday Experience

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K and 1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

Thu, January 20 2022 18 Shevat 5782