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Inner Torah

05/23/2024 01:00:58 PM


I don’t remember Sinai. Even though my soul was there;
So deep inside I search myself but not sure where to stare. 
Inside I find contradictions, distractions and some flaws.
Its hard to find amongst the mess, the remnants of God’s laws.

But what does Sinai mean, how truly do we know God’s ways?
Is it only what Moses transmits, and only what the Torah says?
But also, there’s the prophets, with their holy words and light.
And don’t forget the Oral Law, with all its Rabbinic might.

It seems that in each generation, with its wisdom and careful thought;
Adds a special kernel of holy truth, to the Torah that was brought.
And even though this parsha, stresses the laws came from that mountain;
I can’t forget the human half, which purifies water from the fountain.

So back inwards I turn, to find the truth we seek;
To find the meaning of my life, or at least of this past week.
And whatever I might find, whichever truth I spot;
I know that it’s an echo, from that remembered sacred spot.

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784