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01/13/2021 11:53:34 PM


Half-buoyant, with muscles heavy,
eyes blinking to cleanse the sea-spray, 
a stable shore, though it rocks to and fro,
a far hope, a naïve “someday.”

More rowing, my body protests.
The current dictates with great force. 
Why bother? Why try? It is all in vain.
I’ve resigned to this hapless course. 

Like the prophet’s words in Egypt,
unheard by the flocks weary ear.
The message is muffled and discarded.
No slave can surmount such fear. (Exodus 6:9)

Yet teasing, the shore is in sight.
I’ve traveled too long on these waves. 
Full enough with the tiresome struggle.
A bountiful effort I gave.

Wait, surely these are investments;
deposits of life and time spent. 
To retire now would transform it to waste,
and therefore what would it have meant?

So listen -  to the God-sent words. 
Our crying approached the Divine. 
With courage and faith, I’ll believe once more,
that effort brings shores that are mine.  (Exodus 6:5)

Exodus 6:5
I have now heard the moaning of the Israelites because the Egyptians are holding them in bondage, and I have remembered My covenant.

Exodus 6:9
But when Moses told this to the Israelites, they would not listen to Moses, their spirits crushed by cruel bondage.

Sun, January 29 2023 7 Shevat 5783