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Thursday, July 2, 2020

During the past few months, we have often noted that B'nai Torah is not closed. And, while Virtual B'nai Torah is serving the needs of our community as best we can, we are all eager to be together in person. We continue to weigh this desire against our responsibility to keep our community safe and healthy.
B’nai Torah’s COVID-19 Task Force, which includes staff, lay leaders, and four medical experts, has created a formal Re-entry Plan taking into account our religious values, the best scientific data available to us, and the specific nature of our congregation. The plan is a living document that we expect to be revised by the Task Force as the situation continues to evolve. The group has done significant research and evaluation, and we are extremely appreciative of their time, energy, and knowledge.
The Re-Entry Plan, reviews:

  • Jewish laws and values that we considered in making our decisions;
  • Qualifications of our committee and their process;
  • Expectations of behavior that our community must adhere to in order to reduce risk and disease spread;
  • Details of specific phases of re-entry.

We are currently in Phase 1 of our Re-Entry Plan, which means that most activities remain virtual. One opportunity we have identified is that, with proper procedures, both indoor and outdoor events and services can be done safely, however in practice, physical distancing is difficult to maintain or can make the experience even less pleasant than it would be virtually. We are looking for volunteers to help us test formats that will enable us to expand these offerings where feasible. If you are interested, please let Rabbi Heller know.
The plan also contemplates our path moving forward. We hope that decreased risk and/or improved procedures will make it possible for us to have more extensive in-person activities, including in-person services on a regular basis. However, if circumstances warrant, we may also return temporarily to a lower phase. As we look ahead, we will prioritize activities based on their importance, level of risk, and feasibility of online-only alternatives.

To view specific details on Phase 1, click here.

Wed, August 12 2020 22 Av 5780