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B'nai Torah Hametz Sale 2021

On Passover, Jews are forbidden from eating, or even owning, hametz: food containing wheat or other grain products that have had an opportunity to ferment or rise. This category includes, but is not limited to, bread, cookies, cakes, dough, pasta, beer, and grain-based spirits. If one owns a business (store, restaurant, bakery) one should arrange for sale of the entire business.

The synagogue will gladly accept all responsibility for instituting this transaction, as well as repurchasing your hametz after Pesach.

Please submit this form by 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 25. If you will be in another time zone at the beginning or end of Passover, please note this below. There is no cost (or profit) involved in selling your hametz, but it is traditional to make a donation to charity. Ma’ot Chittim (literally “wheat money”) is a fund that ensures that everyone has the food they need to observe Passover. Please visit to make your donation.

Fri, April 23 2021 11 Iyyar 5781