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Giving Societies

Annual gifts to Congregation B'nai Torah allow us to sustain our beloved community and positively impact the lives of thousands of Jews each year.

The Shomrei Torah and Sefer Torah societies were founded to ensure that Congregation B'nai Torah has the funds to serve our community without turning away the almost 30% who cannot afford full dues due to financial need. These generous gifts also ensure our financial stability in changing times. Our goal is to raise $290,000 towards these goals.

Besides the nachas of knowing that you are helping your fellow congregants and doing your part to ensure B'nai Torah's financial security, all participants in both giving societies will be honored on a plaque and invited to exclusive events. Sefer Torah Society donors will receive additional benefits as listed below.


($500 to $10,799 in total annual giving, above annual dues)
  • B'NAI TORAH | Children of Torah: $500
  • SHOMREI TORAH | Guardians of Torah: $1,000
  • TOMCHEI TORAH | Supporters of Torah: $2,500
  • MEGINEI TORAH | Shields of Torah: $5,000



($10,800 or more in total annual giving, including annual dues and security assessment)
GELILAH | Wrapping the Torah: $10,800 - $15,999
Benefits include:
  • Reserved parking for one car during High Holiday services
  • Free admission to many synagogue programs (registration still required)
  • Invitation to exclusive Sefer Torah Society events
  • Recognition as a sponsor of all synagogue events
  • Credit for up to 20 tribute donations
  • Credit for Mishloach Manot to all congregants
HAGBAH | Lifting the Torah: $16,000 - $35,999
All Gelilah benefits, plus:
  • Recognition on sponsor list of all synagogue events at the highest level
  • Reserved parking for an additional car during High Holiday services (transferable)
ALIYAH L'TORAH | Blessing the Torah: $36,000 or more
All Hagbah benefits, plus:
  • Two reserved seats for High Holiday services

We need you.

Your fellow congregants need you.

Please consider becoming a member of Congregation B'nai Torah's giving societies at your comfort level.

Thank you for your generosity.





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