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What is B'nai Torah Bridges? B'nai Torah Bridges is our small group initiative designed to help members connect with others who share a certain passion or are looking for support for a specific need. Groups contain 8-12 members and meet monthly. This is an opportunity for our members to set aside some time for themselves. We are looking for individuals who are interested in leading a small group. We are also looking for ideas of small groups in which you'd want to participate. Please contact for more information. 

What kind of groups does B'nai Torah Bridges include? B'nai Torah Bridges small groups are split into three categories: Social Groups, Support Groups and Discussion and Learning Groups. Click on each category to see a complete listing of the small groups offered.


How can I join/start a group? Scroll down to see all currently-open groups and fill out the interest form(s) for those you are interested in! If a group you are interested in is not open yet, or a topic you are interested in is not listed, click here to complete an interest form! Once you complete the form, a member of our Engagement Team will contact you with more information and opportunities.


What is expected of group leaders? Group leaders schedule and organize monthly gatherings throughout the year. Each leader will go through a short training and will be provided with a coach to support them. Group leaders will ensure that their group remains a safe and respectful space for members while upholding B'nai Torah's Jewish values.

Social Groups:

Atypical Adventurers
Led by Michael Helman-Darley
A group of men challenging themselves to push past their comfort zones by doing any and all kinds of atypical adventures they wouldn’t normally do. But with the help of friendly encouragement, group think, and healthy peer pressure anything is possible! Come join us for events ranging from the fun to the strange like adult scavenger hunts, restaurants serving bugs, indoor skydiving, axe throwing, or running in the mud. Who knows what the group will come up with, but if it’s anything usual, it won’t be on the list!
Demographic: Men
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Looking for a leader!
Do you love to play bridge? Have you always wanted to learn? Join this group to play, learn, make new friends and have a blast!
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Looking for a leader!
Our canasta group is perfect for anyone who wants to play and learn the game! Stay tuned for registration information.

City Springs Night Out
Looking for a leader!
Enjoy a night out with dinner, drinks and a show! As a group, we will select performances to see from the city springs calendar and meet up for dinner or drinks before the show. Stay tuned for registration information.

Craft Club
Led by Bonnie Diamond
Come together with fellow crafters to explore different mediums of crafting including paper, clay, painting and more. Each meetup will feature a new craft project. Stay tuned for registration information.
Eating Explorers - FULL
Led by Amy Helman-Darley
Have an adventurous palate? Looking to connect with other moms of young children or just want a night out? Eating Explorers will explore different local international restaurants, trying a new type of cuisine each time. This group is geared for moms of young children.

Game Night
Looking for a leader!
Gather around the table for a good old fashioned game night! Bring your childhood favorites, learn new games and make new friends in this fun-loving group. Stay tuned for registration information.

Garden to Table
Led by Elaine Silver-Levine
Love gardening, cooking and eating?  Or maybe you want to learn to how to build an edible garden and improve your culinary skills. Then is the group for you! All Skill levels welcome.  Participants can choose if and what edibles they would like to plant. Participants are encouraged to share knowledge and recipes. Participants will enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Looking for a leader!
Explore different golf courses around Atlanta while learning and perfecting your game! Stay tuned for registration information.

Looking for a leader!
The Hiking Group is for beginners, novices and experienced hikers of all physical abilities wanting to hike local trails. The pace will be varied for all participants to enjoy with basic techniques and gear presented. Our goal is for all participants to have fun in the great outdoors by connecting with others and nature simultaneously. Stay tuned for registration information.

Led by Ilene Abrams
Do you love to knit? Or maybe you always wanted to learn? Join this group to knit, learn, relax, and make new friends!
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Mah Jongg
Looking for a leader!
Join us to learn, play, nosh and make new friends! Stay tuned for registration information.

Mommy and Me 
Led by Pailey Nooromid
Are you a mom? Join our Mommy and Me group to connect with other moms in the B'nai Torah community! 
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Plant-Based Eating
Looking for a leader!
Want to learn about the plant-based eating lifestyle? Join us for cooking demonstrations, nutritionist speakers and vegetarian dining experiences! Stay tuned for registration information.

Poker Night
Looking for a leader!
Enjoy a fun night of Poker with your fellow B'nai Torah Friends. All playing levels welcome.
Stay tuned for registration information.

RODEO (Retired Old Dudes Eating Out)
Led by Randy Cortland
Here is an opportunity for the retired men of B’nai Torah to meet for lunch and schmooze one Wednesday a month. We will sample restaurants located in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. Our goal is for you to have the chance to socialize with your B’nai Torah friends and maybe make some new ones while enjoying a good meal.
Demographic: Men

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Sensational Single Seniors
Led by Ilene Abrams
This is a group for single adults ages 60+ who are looking for friendship to go to movies, theater, lunch, dinner, shul events, or just hang out and shmooze!

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Social Action Club
Led by Daniel Mark
Do good around Atlanta! Let’s join together to volunteer for different organizations that mean the most to us including homeless shelters, animal adoptions and many more. Stay tuned for registration information.

TopGolf Hackers
Led by Ryan Benator
Where just okay is....okay! Golfing with new friends and no judgments. We all like to play golf, whether we are good or not. The hackers group is a group where the goal is to have fun, play some golf, and get to know each other. This group is open to all skill levels!
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Vegan Eating
Looking for a leader!
So many wonderful conversations happen around meals. Here is a group where like-minded people can enjoy the conversation and the FOOD. We will gather around the table and discuss the many reasons why people live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, as well as share wonderful dishes and friendship. Stay tuned for registration information.

Work from Home Lunch
Led by Ben Marks

Working from home can be a bit isolating at times. Here’s an opportunity to get out of the house and meet for a monthly one-hour social lunch. We try a different lunch spot each month and vegetarian options are always available.
Demographic: Men
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Support Groups:

Able Parents
Led by Paige
Find your "village" to provide a listening ear and share tips, resources, and community support for parents of children with special needs, disabilities, and different abilities.
CanCare - Cancer Support Groups
Led by Steven Zedeck
CanCare can help you through your cancer journey. Cancare matches patients and caregivers with someone who has gone through the same type or similar experience. This allows you to talk freely and openly about experiences and concerns. It's available for free to patients and caregivers with any type or stage of cancer. Complete the form below for more information.

Empty Nesters
Looking for a leader!
You've dedicated your entire adult life to raising your children. As they begin to leave the nest over the next couple of years, you are left wondering about your own life, what you want to do next, what brings you joy and purpose, and how to transition into that phase. Join this group of parents because none of us should have to take this journey alone. Stay tuned for registration information.

Interfaith Marriages
Looking for a leader!
This is a group for interfaith couples. We will have a chance to figure out some of the big questions and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for registration information.

Parents of Children in the LGBTQ+ Community
Looking for a leader!
In this group, we will facilitate discussions for parents who have children in the LGBTQ+ community. We will create a safe space where you may feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings that might otherwise be uncomfortable to talk about.
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Widows and Widowers
Looking for a leader!
Come together to meet others who have lost their spouse and understand your loss. This group provides support from feeling isolated and alone while also providing the opportunity to meet new friends. Stay tuned for registration information.

Discussion and Learning Groups:

Looking for a leader!

We will meet monthly and work together to advance both your traditional and genetic genealogy journey. Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records. The use of DNA testing to supplement traditional genealogy research can be confusing, and working together as a group, we will explore the various different DNA tests, how they can aid your genealogy journey, and the Genealogical Proof Standard for DNA.
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Self Defense
Led by Craig Wolpert
The Self Defense group will meet monthly with the intention of helping people become more aware of their surroundings and understanding what to do if they are in a potentially dangerous situation. We will learn about situational awareness, hand to hand combat techniques, self defense tools and more. The group is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject or has something to share. This is not a martial arts group, and there is no testing or rankings.
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Looking for a leader!
Looking to travel to new places? This is a great opportunity to share photos, experiences, contacts and more with fellow jet setters. Stay tuned for registration information.

Looking for a leader!
Put your Yiddish to the test! Engage and learn with B'nai Torah congregants and keep the language alive. All levels welcome!
Stay tuned for registration information.

If you have any questions about joining or starting a B'nai Torah Bridges small group, please contact

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