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There are members saying kaddish and community support is appreciated. Thank you for your interest in our synagogue minyan.

Service Times:

Evening Minyan
    Sunday - Thursday 6:15PM at Summer's Landing
    Shabbat (Saturday afternoon) 5:00PM at B'nai Torah

Morning Minyan
    Sunday 8:15AM - Nahai Chapel at B'nai Torah
    Monday and Thursday 6:50AM - Nahai Chapel at B'nai Torah
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 7:00AM - Nahai Chapel at B'nai Torah
    (Friday - Free breakfast provided following the service)

I plan to attend Minyan on the following day(s):
Thursday morning, August 21st 0 Attending   10 Needed
Thursday evening, August 21st 1 Attending   9 Needed
Friday morning, August 22nd 0 Attending   10 Needed
Saturday evening, August 23rd 1 Attending   9 Needed
Sunday morning, August 24th 0 Attending   10 Needed
Sunday evening, August 24th 1 Attending   9 Needed
Monday morning, August 25th 0 Attending   10 Needed
Monday evening, August 25th 1 Attending   9 Needed
Tuesday morning, August 26th 0 Attending   10 Needed
Tuesday evening, August 26th 1 Attending   9 Needed
Wednesday morning, August 27th 0 Attending   10 Needed
Wednesday evening, August 27th 1 Attending   9 Needed
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Services image PARDON OUR DUST - CONSTRUCTION ON OUR NEW BUILDING HAS BEGUN! Until further notice, our service times and locations have changed.

Friday Night Services will take place at THE WEBER SCHOOL (as of 8/6). They will no longer be in the CBT classrooms.

All Shabbat and Festival Morning Services at The Weber School

(for children services and times click here)

Saturday Mincha Services at B'nai Torah

* Saturday Afternoon Class

Following Saturday Mincha Services, please join the Rabbi's Torah Study Class

Daily Minyan times and location

If you have any questions, please contact the office. Read the weekly Torah portion commentaries

The Weber School: 6751 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328