In 2002, B’nai Torah erected its own Eruv (an eiruv allows those inside it to transport things on Shabbat, and is particularly helpful for those with children). The Eruv, incorporating Georgia power wires and features of Georgia 400, encloses a few square miles in Sandy Springs, stretching from GA-400 almost to Roswell Road. (The route begins at the bridge where Mt. Vernon Highway crosses Georgia 400, follows GA-400 to Hammond, and then runs along Hammond to Glenridge. It proceeds north on Glenridge to Johnson’s Ferry to Roswell Road. It continues along Roswell Road North to the Weber school, includes the Weber property, and then follows the Weber property line to Abernathy Rd.  It follows Abernathy to Glenridge south.  On Glenridge it follows utility poles until the fence of the Glenridge Close neighborhood, and from there it follows the fences of subdivisions to include the synagogue and the Staybridge suites, and proceeds along Mt. Vernon back to the 400. 
Key landmarks included within the Eruv are:

  • Congregation B’nai Torah
  • The Sonesta ES hotel
  • Carlton senior residences
  • The Weber School

Rabbi Heller regularly inspects the physical component of the Eruv, and the proclamation signed by the Sandy Springs City Council, granting permission to use the Eruv, is proudly displayed in the synagogue.

We are proud that B’nai Torah is a congregation that welcomes Jews with many different styles and levels of observances. The fact that we have an Eruv helps us serve the needs of those members and guests who are committed to this aspect of traditional practice.

Eruv Status: If you or your guests are planning to rely on the Eruv, please check with the synagogue office, or Rabbi Heller, to confirm that the Eruv is up in a given week. Typically the eruv is checked in rotating segments over a several-week cycle. If you have guests who would be more comfortable with complete inspection, please let us know.


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