Our congregation was founded in 1981, with its roots going back into the 1970's. The young unaffiliated Jews of Atlanta found themselves meeting annually in the Hillel facilities of Emory University for High Holidays. After the 1980 High Holiday services, several families decided it was time for a Traditional Synagogue on the north side of Atlanta. The effort coincided with the tremendous northern growth of the city and the immigration to Atlanta of a large group of Jews from around the world. By early 1981, the organizers were ready to formally introduce Congregation B'nai Torah to the city. The introduction included a religious philosophy, orthodox except for mixed seating, a location on Mt. Vernon Highway, which was central to the northern suburbs of Atlanta, and a Rabbi.

While forward-thinking founders purchased the land, there was still a need to find a place to meet until funds could be raised for a building. This need was met by renting a nearby closed grammar school. The building had been closed for years and it took all the skills of the early members to make two classrooms (leaks included) feel like home for our pioneer founding members.

Membership quickly grew from 125 families when we opened to 350 families 5 years later when we moved into our permanent facility. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay in the school for 3 years. It was sold to a developer who put up a high rise. Then, like our nomadic ancestors, we moved regularly. First, we managed to find temporary quarters in a house that was to be redeveloped for an office park. Then we met in trailers as our permanent facility went up in the muddy lot next door. All of this built a strong and resilient membership. Shortly after we moved into our permanent home our membership shot up to over 600 families, where it remains today. Our congregation is always open to new members but strives to retain the close and intimate feeling that was a part of its roots.

While little has changed about our desire to provide a strong religious base for our congregants, our synagogue is new and vibrant in its outlook and desire to learn.

Services image PARDON OUR DUST - CONSTRUCTION ON OUR NEW BUILDING HAS BEGUN! Until further notice, our service times and locations have changed.

Friday Night Services will take place at THE WEBER SCHOOL (as of 8/6). They will no longer be in the CBT classrooms.

All Shabbat and Festival Morning Services at The Weber School

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Saturday Mincha Services at B'nai Torah

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The Weber School: 6751 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328