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Religious School Director
Amy Zeide

Amy's Office Hours are Tuesday 9:00am-6:30pm
Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm
Sunday 8:30am-12:30pm.

Religious School Curriculum Summary

Our Curriculum: Our program is comprised of seven components. Each component is taught in each grade at the appropriate level. The students’ learning expands in both depth and scope each year. In this way, our students attain basic mastery in each component by 7th grade.

  1. Hebrew Reading and Tefillah – We teach the alphabet, vowels, and decoding skills in kindergarten – 2nd grade and reinforce reading skills through our Tefillah curriculum in the upper grades. We have divided the prayers in weekday and Shabbat services among the grades so that by 7th grade our students can comfortably participate in and lead each service.
  2. Holidays – Through crafts, story books, primary sources, and texts, our students learn about each Jewish holiday, its major symbols, its historical significance, and observance practices.
  3. Parshiot – In grades kindergarten – 2nd, our students are introduced to the major themes in the weekly parsha. Additionally, they learn about the central role of Shabbat in Jewish life. Beginning in 3rd grade, each student is given a Tanakh and systematically study each book of the bible from Genesis thru Prophets so that by 7th grade they have completed the entire text.
  4. Life Cycles & Community – We discuss major Jewish life cycle events and their importance in our lives as well as our individual roles within our Jewish and larger communities.
  5. Mitzvot – Our students learn about Jewish values and mitzvot, our responsibility to live according to those values, and how we can use our education to make daily life decisions.
  6. Israel – Our students learn about Israeli history, geography, politics, current events, and culture. They also learn about the importance of supporting Israel in the Diaspora.
  7. Holocaust Education – In 4th grade and above, our students learn about the Holocaust in an age-appropriate manner. They discuss the history and its impact on the Jewish people.

Additional Programs:

  1. Major Projects – Students in each grade spend additional time learning about a particular subject in one of the curriculum components above. This learning culminates in a project that spans the length of the school year and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to learn as a chevruta (group). Parents are invited to attend as the students display their work. Examples include: An Israeli Shuk, A Purim Play, and A Mock Passover Seder.
  2. Mitzvah Projects – In an effort to bring their Community and Mitzvot education to life, each grade participates in a mitzvah project such as writing letters to the IDF, making meals to deliver to shelters, and beautifying community grounds.
  3. Field Trips – To enhance their classroom learning, each grade will take a field trip during the year. These include the Discovery Museum at the JCC, Kosher Scavenger Hunts, the Anne Frank Exhibit, the Jewish Heritage Museum, the Holocaust Museum, and a Pen Pal Party.
  4. Religious School Shabbats – Eight Saturdays a year, our students attend Shabbat Children’s Services where their Tefillah study can be used in the context of a real service and so they become familiar with CBT’s traditions. Parents are invited to attend Adult Education classes during those times as well.

Ensuring Success: In order for students to achieve success, it is important to assess their current knowledge and track their progress throughout the year. Each student’s Tefillah knowledge is assessed two to three times per year to determine progress towards year-end goals and to determine teaching effectiveness. Progress reports are distributed in December and May.

Working with Rabbi Kenter: Not only has Rabbi Kenter been integral in developing our curriculum, but he also teaches various components in multiple grades, attends field trips, and participates in Major Projects so that he can develop relationships with our students and families.

If you have any questions, contact the Religious School Director, Amy Zeide at

Class Meeting Times

3rd - 7th grade - Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30pm and Sundays from 9:00am-12:00pm

KG-7th, meet 3 Sundays a month. One Saturday each month, students are specifically invited to attend our weekly Junior Congregation services instead of attending school on Sunday.

Please see the above Calendars for more complete scheduling information. For more information about the Religious School, please contact the Religious School Director, Amy Zeide, at or at 404-257-0537.

Services image PARDON OUR DUST - CONSTRUCTION ON OUR NEW BUILDING HAS BEGUN! Until further notice, our service times and locations have changed.

Friday Night Services will take place at THE WEBER SCHOOL (as of 8/6). They will no longer be in the CBT classrooms.

All Shabbat and Festival Morning Services at The Weber School

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Saturday Mincha Services at B'nai Torah

* Saturday Afternoon Class

Following Saturday Mincha Services, please join the Rabbi's Torah Study Class

Daily Minyan times and location

If you have any questions, please contact the office. Read the weekly Torah portion commentaries

The Weber School: 6751 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328